Tinubu net worth 2024, Age, Wife, Children, House

By | March 7, 2024


Tinubu Net Worth 2024

People searching Tinubu Net Worth 2024 online must understand some important facts. Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR is a Nigerian Politician who is the 16th & current president of Nigeria. Bola Ahmed Tinubu was born on 29th of march in 1952 & he began his foray into the world of politics in Nigeria in 1992. He served as the 12th Governor of Lagos state in Nigeria between 29th May 1990 – 29th May 2007 & was later succeed by Babatunde Raji Fasola(SAN).

You can get the complete details of Bola Tinubu Net Worth, Tinubu Age Details, Tinubu Wife, Tinubu Children, Tinubu House etc. step by step in the upcoming section of this blog. He was appointed the senator for the Lagos west Constituency in Legos state in 1993, as this appointment opened his chapter in the world of Politics. 

Bola Tinubu Net Worth

अहमद टीनुबू एक नाइजीरियाई राजनीतिज्ञ हैं जिनका जन्म 29 मार्च 1952 को हुआ था। उन्होंने अपने करियर में सफलता हासिल की है और उनकी कुल संपत्ति लाखों में है। टीनुबू की एक जीवनी है जिसमें उनके जीवन और उपलब्धियों का विवरण है और वह 68 वर्ष के हैं। वह औसत कद का है और राजनेताओं के परिवार से आता है। टीनुबू का राजनीति में एक लंबा और सफल करियर रहा है और वह लगातार अपने करियर में अपडेट करते रहते हैं। अहमद टीनुबू राजनेता के सदस्य हैं

Full Name Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu
D.O.B 29 March 1952
Country Nigeria
Nickname Asiwaju
Source of Growth Politician, Businessman
Net Worth 4 Billion Dollars

Ahmed Tinubu Education

Tinubu Education is one remarkable thing worth knowing. He started at St John’s primary school at Aroloya Lagos & continued at a children’s home school in Ibadan, south west Nigeria. Tinubu went to the USA in 1975 where he first studied at the Richard J. Daly attended college and then went to Chicago State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting in 1979.

Tinubu Cars

  • Mercedes G – Wagon – N600 M
  • Toyota Prado SUV – N50 M
  • Lexus – N13 – N25 M
  • BMW – N10 – N11 M
  • Ford – N10 – N14 M
  • Porsche – N50 – N60 M

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